Sometimes you’re not prepared!

Today I met with a beautiful friend at a park we have been to once before, it must’ve been 18 months ago, we forgot that on a day like today there was a beautiful stream that just needed to be paddled in!

What we also forgot was anything remotely useful for paddling, like shoes, swim stuff oh towels that would’ve been good.
In case you wondered, the water was cold, the rocks were really sharp under my feet and thing ones toms not so great as paddling shoes!!

So here he is in his pants, I’m in rolled up jeans looking still preggers the baby was crying luckily thing 2 was at nursery!

We’ll back there though with so much stuff we can’t carry it all!!!

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Wicked Wednesday’s 

Thought I would get a selfie of me and the boys on the first trip to the seaside for thing 3….

Apparently thing 2 is a cheeky Buddha?! 
Funny boy!!

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Wild wees for wicked Wednesday! 

Sometimes there is not a toilet close enough, sometimes we have to have a wild wee…..

Sometimes mummy is distracted changing thing threes nappy, watching thing two climb and when she says just pop behind a tree and wee that’s what she means…..

Not pee up a fence in the middle of the playground…..

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Now the third boy has come along sometimes mummy takes a while to get downstairs …..

You spill it you clear it!!

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Family photos 

So I am forever looking at others blogs and Instagram looking at the beautiful family photos …

I’ll just leave this here….

Not really a framer!!

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Wicked Wednesday -a third child cannot nap!

I think it might be about 2 years since I shared one of these!!

So time for the nursery run here today…. 

A very asleep baby….

Wonder what this cheeky monkey has planned…..

I’ll leave you to guess!!
Happy Wednesday folks!

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4 weeks into a family of five!

So four weeks ago Thing 3 arrived into our family, and we have all survived!!

And what a few weeks!! The in laws landed I won’t go into too much detail, but in summary  we in essence had to look after them as well as the kids! If you follow me on Twitter you may have enjoyed my #inlaw tweets!

Thing one (L our big boy) Has had his school settling in days, we practiced the school run, I’ve learned that it all takes a little longer than it should!! Leaving the house, choosing to scoot or bike there, the actual journey and all the reasons to slow up! I’ve been trying to chill and enjoy the time with thing one, but I dislike being late so I then start to chivy him along so I guess for September we’ll be leaving ridiculously early!!

Clearly daddy has gone back to work now I’ve survived two outings on my own! Our local park and soft play! I’ve clearly lowered my standards of what constitutes as success but three children left the house and three returned so I think that’s a hi five to me!

Nope absolutely no bribery in child control here….

Thing three has settled in well he’s sleeping ok some 4 hour stretches in there, he’s very windy and we think I’m suffering from over supply (how ironic as I spent most of thing ones feeding journey worried I didn’t have enough milk!) and he’s piling on the pounds despite being propelled across the room by my flow! I think there might be a whole other blog in there!

We’ve seen a lot of visitors and received beautiful cards and gifts for all three boys and us, it’s lovely to realise how many people care! I need to start to think about what to do with all the cards I’ve still got the boys ones in boxes I need to get crafting, any tips guys?

So now off to pick my fave photos from our new born photo shoot (the one where thing three refused to go to sleep thus preventing any cutesy in a fluffy hat shots!) as I’ve got to get cracking on the thank you cards!!

Sara Threadgill photography 

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